Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Ukiah


Holy Trinity is a praying church! We not only pray within our congregational community, but we pray for needs in our greater Ukiah community and all over the world. By clicking on the prayer logo below, you can E-mail any prayer request that you wish to "Share_A_Prayer@HolyTrinityUkiah.org." When you do, we will include your prayer in that part of our services called, "The Prayers of the People," both on Sundays AND at our Wednesday midweek services.

We believe that praying for our needs and the needs of others is a way to connect to each other through the Divine Spirit of Love! In this way we share the power of God's love for the benefit of God's people.

If you send us a prayer request, you can give us as much or as little information as you wish. We will NEVER keep track of your E-mail address, and we certainly wouldn't give it to anyone else. You have our word on that. Complete privacy will be maintained at all times. If you would like our priest to E-mail you, just say so in your prayer request.

So click on the praying hands below and tell us how we can reach out to you in prayer!

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